Gulfstream V

Jet Types

   Gulfstream (20%) Shares


G650:   $13.0M

G550:   $4.9M

G450:   $3.8M

GV:      $2.7M

GIVSP:  $1.5M


(Additional Pricing Specials May Be Available)

20% share: (6+ Possession Days Monthly)
Unlimited Hours Annually

For other shares size, please inquire.


Low Monthly Management Fee:

G650:               $16,500

G550/GV:        $12,800

G450/GIVSP:   $11,200


Low (at-cost) Hourly

May Utilized Your Current Flight Crew

(Optional/Please Inquire)

Range / Passengers:

G650:               7,000 NM        14 to 16 Pass.

G550/GV:        6,500 NM        14 to 16 Pass.  
G450/GIVSP:   4,200 NM        14  Pass.

Notes: Additional costs may apply.  Taxes not included. Ranges are in nautical miles.  Actual ranges may vary.  Photos are representative of aircraft types and not necessarily any specific aircraft offered.  Pricing and costs are subject to change.


For Further details, please contact an authorized Members Air, Inc. representative.


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